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"I come from a proud family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember.  I want to work for you.  I am committed to increased economic development, improved schools, and making public safety a top priority.  I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies and get things done."
Tim's Positive vision for the future of florissant
Tim Lowery
Candidate for Mayor
Public Safety

With over thirty years of law enforcement experience Tim will continue to keep Florissant safe and support the men and women of our Internationally Accredited Florissant Police Department.

Neighborhood Preservation

Tim will work with city departments to keep our neighborhoods safe, clean, and family friendly. This, in turn, helps protect property values for homeowners and businesses. He will continue the “Crime Free Program” to keep rental properties up to code and safe.

Economic Development

Tim will be proactive in attracting new retailers, increase access to good jobs, and retain and help grow our existing small businesses.  Tim is committed to re-developing areas in Florissant that have seen neglect in recent years with exciting and new development.  As Mayor, Tim will promote all of the good things our city has to offer.


Tim will see that our neighborhood streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, street signs, and public facilities are well maintained and not neglected.


Tim will work with our local schools and nearby colleges and universities to improve educational opportunities in Florissant and ensure children can receive a quality education.

The Beautiful City

Tim will ensure that our city is clean and that trash is picked up.  Image is everything, and Tim has a plan to beautify Florissant and improve all of the entrances to our city.

Regional Collaboration

Tim will work with Federal, State, and County officials to make sure Florissant is getting its fair share of grants, road projects, and other essential services.

Family & Senior Services

Tim is committed to keeping young families in Florissant and attracting new families.  City events and services will reflect that philosophy. Tim will also ensure that seniors have the services and programs they need to remain active in Florissant.

Parks & Recreation

Tim will work to increase recreation opportunities for all residents, better utilize our existing recreation facilities, and maintain a safe, clean, and high quality parks system for those of all ages.


Tim regularly attends monthly discussions on diversity around North County in his role as the Chief of Police, and has implemented several policies within his own department that have improved diversity.  Tim will continue this mission as Mayor and increase diversity within city government.

Fiscal Responsibility

Tim will work with the City Council to present a budget that is balanced, provides quality city services, and respects city employees.


Tim has worked to be an accessible Police Chief and will do the same as Mayor.  As a candidate Tim has held multiple listening sessions with residents, and as Mayor he will hold regular town halls so residents and business owners can be heard. 

Coldwater Creek Clean Up

Tim grew up in Florissant and knows how serious this issue is and the lives this has impacted, he will work with the appropriate agencies to ensure Florissant residents remain safe during the cleanup process.  This is an issue that will remain high on his agenda as an advocate for those affected.

Better Together

I am opposed to the Better Together proposal.  Florissant has been an independent city for over 233 years, and I believe it should stay that way.  The proposal as it currently stands would devastate our budget and take away our Police department and municipal court.  The Florissant Police Department is one of only 33 Internationally Accredited police departments in the entire State of Missouri.  The Florissant Police Department has always been a leader in law enforcement, we are not the problem.  Finally, the idea of having the entire state of Missouri voting on this proposal that affects only St. Louis City and County is insulting.  I cannot and will not support any effort that disenfranchises the good people of Florissant.

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